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Why We Started

Macro was created with a mission to empower and ensure more marginalized artists are afforded the same opportunities as others. It is a collection of CC licensed collection of inclusive stock images and videos made exclusively by BIPOC creators.

Showcasing a new standout BIPOC photographer from New Orleans or Washington D.C. each month, Macro places the spotlight on the rich cultures and histories in these vibrant cities, captured through the lenses of talented photographers whose experiences shed a light often left unseen. Macro seeks to set the stage for these artists and their work by giving them the space and recognition they merit. Images are organized by city with categories including career images, lifestyle images, business images, and more.

According to Zippia, approximately 70% of professional photographers are white with Hispanic photographers accounting for about 14% and black photographers 6%.

Macro aims to rectify this by going straight to the source to bolster and celebrate the communities that minority photographers represent through their work.

The Photographers We Choose

The photographers chosen are passionate about photography and want to uplift the BIPOC community and show them in a flattering light.

Macro is an initiative inspired by the minds at Online Optimism, a leading digital marketing and design company with offices in New Orleans and Washington, DC. Online Optimism crafts innovative campaigns for clients around the country and aims to grow our communities through organic, human-focused methods.

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