Aboubacar Kante, Photographer at Macro

Aboubacar Kante

Atlanta, GA
Aboubacar Kante is a photojournalist and Editorial photographer based out of Atlanta. He started experimenting with photography at a very young age. He has an aunt who is a photojournalist and some of his earliest memories are of her encouraging him to stay focused and to continue working on his passion for photography.

Aboubacar is a graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta which gave him technical experience and afterward, he branched out to make more creative ventures. Since graduating, he has been working as a freelance photographer and has become a frequent contributor to publications such as The New York Times, Bloomberg, and NBC News.

“I absolutely love what Macro is doing by giving BIPOC photographers a chance to showcase their work on a platform specifically geared towards us. I feel as if this is extremely important in the field of photography. I hope that this project has a long life and continues to give publicity and spread the work of BIPOC photographers in the US and abroad.”

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