Jamaal Davies, Photographer at Macro

Jamaal Davies

Washington, DC
Jamaal Davies is a Guyanese-American photographer. Photography struck his interest during his teenage years. He received a camera as a gift and since that day he’s never been able to separate himself from a camera. Not only has photography served him as a career and hobby but most importantly as a creative outlet. He was drawn to shooting through his interest in documentation, archiving, and storytelling. He has a few different categories of photography that he would consider his favorite: personal portraits sit high on the list.

He loves working one on one with subjects, depicting and photographing their current self — giving them a memory to look back on for a lifetime. He loves documentary photography due to his love of archiving, learning, and telling stories. Additionally, Jamaal has a joy for street photography because he loves exploring, observing, and documenting different people, places, and environments.

“I hope this project brings attention to my photos and motivates and encourages someone else to pick up photography and tell their stories of their own and others via photography!”

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